Top 5 Porn Parodies

Porn movies are popular among very different people, for understandable reasons. Thousands of people watch adult movies on a regular basis, throughout the world, to relax and spend a good time alone instead of a usual boring evening. However, there is a section of adult content that is especially loved by a certain audience, and this is porn parodies.

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While it might seem weird and unexpected, in reality, sex parodies of some really popular conventional movies are extremely in demand. Especially if the parody is shot in high quality, and especially if the original movie was a popular blockbuster. Lots of people are literally dreaming of seeing their favorite movie characters naked and in sex scenes. Of course, everybody uses their own fantasy, but seeing a long and full-fledged movie is another case. So, if you are interested, check out these top five popular porn parodies of all times.

  1. Cara Loft, The Womb Raider

The original film was hugely in demand, and actually, a lot of teenage boys and even grown-up men were mesmerized by the sexy and sweaty Lara Croft jumping everywhere. Obviously, this stimulated a lot of sex fantasies, so little surprise a sex version eventually appeared. it is a dream come true for the fans of the original variation and also generally for the fans of good porn.

2) Missionary Position: Impossible

Another blockbuster featuring a sexy man and some attractive and hot women; and again a lot of viewers would love to see the adult context of it. While the plot of this masterpiece is not very clear and comprehensive, it is claimed that due to the success of the first part, the second part of this parody was released.

3) Buffy The Vampire Layer

The series was a huge success on TV and thousands, if not millions, of teenagers, were in love with the main character. However, it must also be said that the original series has addressed some really adult scenes, so little surprise many expected some hot moments. But, since the series was created for mainstream TV, it was kept decent and proper for teens to watch. This is not the case with the sex version of it, though. The movie features Buffy in numerous interactions, including ones with the vampires and also with a lesbian character in the main series.

4) Sex Machina

The very name and the plot of the original movie generally suggest making a sex parody of it. But it also goes hilarious for the name. Interestingly, the creators tried to make the film follow the original version more or less closely, but the sex part is also totally loved by the audience.

5) Suicide Squad

Since the original one was a bomb, obviously everyone expected the sex version to another one, and it was. Funny, but the sex one was released a day or two before the “real” official film. Anyways, it features a bunch of cool actors, and Harley Quinn is, of course, a queen there.

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