The Most Viewed Porn Categories For 2019

People have different preferences in sex, and so do porn fans – they also have different preferences in adult content. You may wonder how come one porn category becomes more popular than another at a certain period of time? Well, this is usually connected with one of the two factors – technological innovation or the popularity of a particular adult performer.

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Tech innovations make certain categories more viewed than others; this has been demonstrated by the virtual reality applied to the porn industry products. As soon as the VR became available to wide audiences, the demand for VR sex videos raised rapidly. This can also be seen in hentai  – when a new series is released, or a new style of hentai is presented to the public, the hentai category also starts enjoying higher demand.

As for the porn performers, this is an easy one – the majority of actors and actresses are popular and liked for one or another particular feature or activity. if a new young Japanese porn star becomes famous in a new movie, the demand for Japanese category skyrockets.

So, what are the categories that expect growth in demand in the year 2019? The winner is, of course, virtual reality sex videos. This type of content is only gaining momentum currently, so we can expect it being requested more and more often in the several following years. The next one is, surprisingly, “Fortnight” which features sex videos from a computer game. One should not be surprised as such type of videos is always popular; many viewers like to see their favorite game characters or movie characters in sexual context.

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Stormy Daniels was the most requested model on adult content platforms, and she hopes and expects this trend continues in 2019. What is unexpected enough is that the majority of requests for her videos were made by female viewers, Pornhub claims. Perhaps she has something in her sleeve for that. Another most frequent request from females was “lesbian” section, while for male users it was “Japanese”.

Lesbian videos are highly popular among women who visit adult resources, and this phenomenon has a bunch of explanations. However, the Japanese content enjoys popularity for many years already, definitely due to busty horny schoolgirls, school uniform they wear, and funny screams they make. In other words, Japanese movies have their specific style, loved by many.

Another section that made a rise in 2018 and continues to do so in 2019 is tattoos and tattooed women in particular. Tattoos become more and more accepted in the general culture today, and more people find them sexy.

These are the sections that expect increased ratings in the year 2019. If you want to follow the latest trends and know all the latest cool stuff in the porn industry, check them out in the first place. Chances are high you will not be disappointed.