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Top 5 Porn Parodies

Porn movies are popular among very different people, for understandable reasons. Thousands of people watch adult movies on a regular basis, throughout the world, to relax and spend a good time alone instead of a usual boring evening. However, there is a section of adult content that is especially loved by a certain audience, and this is porn parodies.

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While it might seem weird and unexpected, in reality, sex parodies of some really popular conventional movies are extremely in demand. Especially if the parody is shot in high quality, and especially if the original movie was a popular blockbuster. Lots of people are literally dreaming of seeing their favorite movie characters naked and in sex scenes. Of course, everybody uses their own fantasy, but seeing a long and full-fledged movie is another case. So, if you are interested, check out these top five popular porn parodies of all times.

  1. Cara Loft, The Womb Raider

The original film was hugely in demand, and actually, a lot of teenage boys and even grown-up men were mesmerized by the sexy and sweaty Lara Croft jumping everywhere. Obviously, this stimulated a lot of sex fantasies, so little surprise a sex version eventually appeared. it is a dream come true for the fans of the original variation and also generally for the fans of good porn.

2) Missionary Position: Impossible

Another blockbuster featuring a sexy man and some attractive and hot women; and again a lot of viewers would love to see the adult context of it. While the plot of this masterpiece is not very clear and comprehensive, it is claimed that due to the success of the first part, the second part of this parody was released.

3) Buffy The Vampire Layer

The series was a huge success on TV and thousands, if not millions, of teenagers, were in love with the main character. However, it must also be said that the original series has addressed some really adult scenes, so little surprise many expected some hot moments. But, since the series was created for mainstream TV, it was kept decent and proper for teens to watch. This is not the case with the sex version of it, though. The movie features Buffy in numerous interactions, including ones with the vampires and also with a lesbian character in the main series.

4) Sex Machina

The very name and the plot of the original movie generally suggest making a sex parody of it. But it also goes hilarious for the name. Interestingly, the creators tried to make the film follow the original version more or less closely, but the sex part is also totally loved by the audience.

5) Suicide Squad

Since the original one was a bomb, obviously everyone expected the sex version to another one, and it was. Funny, but the sex one was released a day or two before the “real” official film. Anyways, it features a bunch of cool actors, and Harley Quinn is, of course, a queen there.

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The Most Viewed Porn Categories For 2019

People have different preferences in sex, and so do porn fans – they also have different preferences in adult content. You may wonder how come one porn category becomes more popular than another at a certain period of time? Well, this is usually connected with one of the two factors – technological innovation or the popularity of a particular adult performer.

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Tech innovations make certain categories more viewed than others; this has been demonstrated by the virtual reality applied to the porn industry products. As soon as the VR became available to wide audiences, the demand for VR sex videos raised rapidly. This can also be seen in hentai  – when a new series is released, or a new style of hentai is presented to the public, the hentai category also starts enjoying higher demand.

As for the porn performers, this is an easy one – the majority of actors and actresses are popular and liked for one or another particular feature or activity. if a new young Japanese porn star becomes famous in a new movie, the demand for Japanese category skyrockets.

So, what are the categories that expect growth in demand in the year 2019? The winner is, of course, virtual reality sex videos. This type of content is only gaining momentum currently, so we can expect it being requested more and more often in the several following years. The next one is, surprisingly, “Fortnight” which features sex videos from a computer game. One should not be surprised as such type of videos is always popular; many viewers like to see their favorite game characters or movie characters in sexual context.

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Stormy Daniels was the most requested model on adult content platforms, and she hopes and expects this trend continues in 2019. What is unexpected enough is that the majority of requests for her videos were made by female viewers, Pornhub claims. Perhaps she has something in her sleeve for that. Another most frequent request from females was “lesbian” section, while for male users it was “Japanese”.

Lesbian videos are highly popular among women who visit adult resources, and this phenomenon has a bunch of explanations. However, the Japanese content enjoys popularity for many years already, definitely due to busty horny schoolgirls, school uniform they wear, and funny screams they make. In other words, Japanese movies have their specific style, loved by many.

Another section that made a rise in 2018 and continues to do so in 2019 is tattoos and tattooed women in particular. Tattoos become more and more accepted in the general culture today, and more people find them sexy.

These are the sections that expect increased ratings in the year 2019. If you want to follow the latest trends and know all the latest cool stuff in the porn industry, check them out in the first place. Chances are high you will not be disappointed.


The Most Popular Webcam Models

There are several clear and comprehensive reasons why some users prefer webcam models to conventional porn videos. The first reason is that, eventually, there are not that many really good actresses, and the amount of videos is somewhat limited. it is not that easy and fast to make new movies very often, so fans of certain actresses have to wait for new and fresh content.

Another important aspect that has to be addressed is that some users do not want to see their favorite model having sex with another man or even several men. Many users actually claim that all those crazy sex interactions the actors demonstrate can distract the user from actually getting pleasure. Often, the sex scene changes rapidly and the performers start doing something the user does not like, and this interrupts the process as well.

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And the third reason is that for many, conventional porn videos lack at least some kind of interaction. This is why virtual reality movies started to appear – to give the viewer an impression that he himself does at least something with the porn model.

However, webcam girl is a perfect alternative. They are pretty and hot, they do new things, or things you like, each time, you can talk to them and ask them to do something specific. All this does not cost much more than a monthly subscription for a decent adult platform, ad it can even be much cheaper than buying all this VR stuff with glasses and everything else.

So, who are the most popular webcam models you can currently find on the corresponding websites? Here are the names, to name a few:

  • AdySweet – this is a hot brunette with a naive face and the girl next door attitude. Users like her for her beauty and attention she pays to each session.
  • AllexyaHot – this obviously Middle Eastern brunette is very gorgeous in terms of appearance, and her signature is a live show.
  • DeviousAngell is a super busty girl, also brunette, with perfect curves and beautiful eyes. She even managed to win the title Camgirl of the Year several times.
  • HarliLott is an adult movie star, but she enjoys working as a camgirl. This blonde has a naive pretty face and stunning shapes.
  • MalibuBomb is a chubby brunette with a cute face. Her signature approach is aggressive and active, she is adventurous and loves experimenting. Her wild behavior made her a favorite with many users.
  • LittleRedBunny – this cute little French redhead drives users crazy. Firstly, she is a natural redhead and has a beautiful body and clear white skin. Her beautiful face and hair add to the picture. She holds the Best Webcam Girl title.

These girls are among the most popular webcam models currently; if you want to try something new, you should definitely check them out.


How Do Porn Actors Combine Personal Life And Work?

Adult content is popular, and thousands of people watch sex videos on a regular basis. This makes the porn industry truly thriving, and as a result, thousands of actors make a decent career in this sphere.

However, despite being very loved and admired by the porn fans, these actors and models are often asked how do they manage to combine personal life and work. And the questions in not only about their free time and time they can actually devote to their partners because they usually have a super busy schedule. The question is mostly about how do they build their relationships.

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The actors, actually, always tell honestly that they either do not look for really lengthy relationships while building a career, because generally, they do not have enough time and possibilities. On the other hand, all of them look for relationships after they finish shooting and retire.

Some performers manage to have relationships and even get married while they are on the peak of popularity. Their partners or spouses are usually also porn performers or people who do not see this profession as negative. We all should keep in mind that these performers socialize in the community where other performers and employees of the industry can be found, or different representative of Bohemia can also be met. So, little surprise people actually manage to find partners and spouses, if they share similar views and approach.

Those who are in relationships most often state is it hard to find the time, in the first place, to devote to their loved one, because the schedule is really busy. Some state they are sometimes too physically and emotionally tired to pay enough attention to their partner. However, the issue of having sex with other people as a job is usually discussed before the people become a couple, so it does not affect the relationship, porn actors say.

On the other hand, the majority of the performers, both men, and women look for building a family after they retire. They usually still marry with those who share their views and is not ashamed or revolted by the fact that their loved one was an adult performer before. But the couple definitely has more time for each other when none of them has such a busy photo

If you are interested in the fact how partners and spouses of the porn stars perceive their loved ones’ careers, you have to keep in mind that they understand the perks and accept the fact that their partner has sex due to their job responsibilities. Yet, the majority of spouses and partners state that having a porn actor as a partner is a benefit, because he or she earns a lot, keeps themselves in good physical shape, pays effort to be attractive, etc. So, it seems that if people are able to discuss all aspects and find a compromise where needed, it is totally possible for adult performers to find couples and build families.


Another Life Of Porn Stars: Actresses After Retirement

There are lots of fans of adult content out there, many watch sex videos on a regular basis and thousands of people are actually passionate fans of this or that porn model. This is especially true for female porn models, as they have millions of fans worldwide.

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However, many users of the adult resources wonder what the actresses actually do as they retire from the adult industry? Well, first of all, retirement in the porn industry is not a usual retirement, and the people do not retire being 65 years old. Many young models work for two or three years, earn as much money as they can, and stop working in order to do what they actually wanted in life.

The majority of young performers earn money for further education in the career they want, usually, it is arts or any type of similar careers. Sasha Gray, for example, is not an adult performer anymore, regardless of being insanely popular. She works as a DJ, has a book or two on photography, plays in a music band, and does a bunch of other things she loves doing.

And so does the majority of younger performers; they basically earn money and start living a better life. However, this is not the case with those who work in the industry for more than five years. Actually, there are actresses who work for ten or more years as sex performers, and they do not hurry to retire, because this job brings very good money if you are very popular both with the viewers and with the studios.

Older actresses most usually just retire and live a family life. They state they have worked enough to have some rest and spend time with their families and pets. Sometimes they have some kind of business like a beauty salon, some of them write books about their career or generally about anything. Others participate in different TV shows like entertainment talk shows or become hosts for a TV show themselves.

The majority of older porn models actually open their own studios and agencies, and they collaborate with young people who want to repeat their success. They either look for aspiring talents and fresh faces to promote them to the studios, or they start making sex movies themselves as directors, having enough experience and their own understanding of the process from the inside as a performer. Yet some prefer to enjoy the company of their rich husbands and just do nothing.